• August 19, 2021
  • 2 min read

Announcing the first companies encrypting with Evervault

During our closed preview, dozens of companies have been securing their apps and services with Evervault. Today, we’re proud to highlight several companies that are encrypting with Evervault.

Closed preview companies

The companies who are securing their apps and services with Evervault include Manna, Okra, and Vital.

Manna is building the drone delivery network of the future. Okra is building open finance infrastructure for Africa. Vital is building the simplest API for collecting wearables data.

Each of these companies knows that security should be the first priority when starting to build a new app — and that encryption is the most important security tool they have to protect their users.

Evervault abstracts away the complexities of encryption so that security no longer distracts their developers from building differentiated features.

One major startup advantage is that you start with a clean tech slate. That's probably our biggest advantage actually. Manna use Evervault to make life (a lot) easier for our developers at ensuring the safety of our customers’ data.”

—Bobby Healy, Manna founder / CEO

Building trust

We’re proud that early adopters have chosen to build their apps and services with Evervault. As encryption infrastructure, Evervault is a business critical service. We know that Evervault's downtime is downtime for our customers — and for their users. We take this responsibility very seriously. Robustness and reliability are front-of-mind for every engineering decision we make.

Encrypting the web

Today, we’re also proud to announce that, during our closed preview, developers at companies like Manna, Okra, and Vital have collectively encrypted tens of millions of fields of sensitive data. As more developers and companies build with Evervault, Evervault will become an index for the encrypted and secured web. This is the beginning; the future of the web is encrypted.

If you’re a developer at a company that needs to improve their security, you can start encrypting now.

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