Banking Data

The most advanced security for your banking data

Use Evervault to encrypt and tokenize banking data like account numbers and credentials — improving security & streamlining compliance with Nacha guidelines and DORA.

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The security & compliance platform for your banking application

Evervault lets you build any financial software that requires access to sensitive information like bank account numbers — without the security & compliance headache.

Streamline compliance

Entities with over 2M ACH transactions/year must comply with Nacha's Security Requirements. Evervault ensures account numbers and all associated PII are encrypted at all times, not just at rest.

Open banking credentials without the risk

Evervault lets you integrate with any third-party open banking APIs and ensure that banking credentials are encrypted at all times — minimizing the risk of fraudulent transactions or data leaks.

Secure onboarding and KYC

Use Evervault to securely collect and encrypt PII and KYC data in your onboarding flow, and share it with any third-party identity verification provider. Perform KYC without the risk of handling sensitive data.

Secure banking data anywhere in the stack

Secure banking data across your stack with Evervault's encryption infrastructure. Maximize potential without costly security and compliance efforts.
Evervault can instantly encrypt banking data, like account numbers or SSNs, from APIs like Plaid and TrueLayer, or directly from your users in your application.
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Build any application to process banking data

Each Evervault product is fully interoperable with any third-party service, so you can pick and choose the best banking partners for your business.

Compliant by default

Evervault is compliant with security standards like PCI DSS, SOC 2, HIPAA, and CSA STAR.


Evervault’s infrastructure is secured by AWS Nitro Enclaves, which are used by some of the world’s largest financial institutions to secure sensitive banking data.

Universal data sharing

Evervault is fully interoperable with any third-party banking services, including Open Banking providers. Use your banking data for any workflow or share with any external service provider.

Fully customizable

Evervault’s developer APIs can be fully customized to meet your requirements for collecting, processing and sharing banking data — without hindering your user experience.

Control your own data

Encrypting with Evervault lets you own andyou control your banking data by avoiding vendor lock-in with third-party Open Banking APIs, all while ensuring maximal security guarantees throughout your stack.


Article 9 of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) requires data to be encrypted at rest, in transit and in use. Evervault Enclaves allows you to process sensitive data while complying with DORA requirements.

Streamline security and compliance

Impress your banking partners by using Evervault to build a secure and compliant application for sensitive banking data.