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About Evervault

Evervault is a data encryption company enabling developers to put security first without disrupting their existing workflows. Evervault provides the tools developers need to build encrypted apps, in which data stays encrypted at all times, yet can still be processed and shared. Evervault never stores data and developers never configure crypto algorithms or manage keys. Founded in 2019, the company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.


Shane Curran

CEO and Founder

Shane founded Evervault in 2019 after working as the head of encryption at MyWallSt. He’s also a Thiel Fellow as well as a scout at Sequoia Capital.

Ben Butler

Head of Operations

Ben joined Evervault in 2021 after working at Stripe for more than five years, including for almost two years in Stripe’s Seattle office.

Phil Watson

Head of Sales

Phil leads Evervault’s sales team. He joined Evervault from Slack, where he was the regional vice president of mid market sales in EMEA. He previously worked in sales at LinkedIn for more than five years.

John Hetherton

Head of Compliance

John leads Evervault’s compliance division. He worked as the global practice lead of PCI-DSS at BSI and previously worked at AIB for more than five years.


Day Zero Security

Day Zero Security

Combating Zero Day Exploits (and data breaches in general) by integrating security from Day Zero.

Secured by Evervault

Secured by Evervault

Show your users how you protect their sensitive data. Secured by Evervault are hosted pages that confirm a team’s commitment to data security by summarising their encryption architecture.

Announcing Evervault Payments Config

Announcing Evervault Payments Config

Evervault Payments is our secure payments configuration that allows you to collect and share credit card data from your customers or third parties, while minimising your compliance requirements under PCI DSS.

How we built Relay

How we built Relay

Evervault is encryption infrastructure for developers. Relay is our latest product to make integrating encryption as easy as possible. This post is about how we built Relay.