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Integrate Evervault in 5 minutes by changing a DNS record and including our SDK.

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Encryption infrastructure

How Evervault works

Evervault makes it easy to encrypt & process sensitive data — without it touching your app in plaintext.

Evervault Relay

Automatically encrypt sensitive data at the field-level before it enters your app, and decrypt it as it leaves.

Integrate in 5 minutes by including our SDK and changing a DNS record.

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Evervault Cages

Process the data you encrypt with Relay or our SDK by deploying your code in Cages — isolated serverless functions hosted on Evervault.

Cages automatically decrypt your data in an isolated environment, so you can still process data without handling it in plaintext.

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With Evervault
Without Evervault

First name

Phone'/', async ({ firstName, phone }) => {
2  console.log({ firstName, phone });
34  let valid = await'validate', { phone });
6  if (valid) {
7    await sms.send(`Hello, ${firstName}`, phone);
8  }

$ { firstName:, phone: }

1exports.handler = async ({ phone }) => {
2  const valid = await validatePhone(phone);
3  return valid;

Core benefits

Zero data breaches

Encrypting with Evervault means that even if you suffer a breach, the data you lose is encrypted and unreadable.

No unauthorized party has access to your users’ data — including Evervault.

Never manage keys

You never configure encryption algorithms or store keys, and we can't decrypt your data.

No latency cost

Our services are ultra-low latency, and we automatically scale to 1,000s of requests/second.

Streamlined compliance

Never touching plaintext data means that your compliance burden is heavily reduced.

Encrypt everything

Change nothing about your development flow. Evervault works out of the box with most tech stacks.

Instant compliance

Streamlined PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance

With Evervault your compliance scope is reduced to the simplest method of validation, and we automatically generate your SAQ and AOC for PCI.


Encrypting cardholder data with Relay means that your system does not handle cardholder data, making Evervault your Cardholder Data Environment.


Evervault can enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to support your compliance requirements under the Health Insurance Portability & Affordability Act (HIPAA).

Encryption streamlining

Standards, like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and FedRAMP, require data encryption. Using Evervault automatically satisfies these requirements and proves security to auditors.

Use cases

Protect sensitive data

Collect sensitive data from your users & process it while keeping it encrypted at all times in your app.

Encrypt & process data

Encrypt sensitive data — including identity, financial, health, and proprietary data — using Relay.

Deploy your code as Cages to process it in isolation from the rest of your stack.

Interact with APIs

Automatically encrypt requests and responses with Relay when communicating with third-party APIs.

Use Cages to modify and update responses while keeping them encrypted.

Secure your secrets

Encrypt & store your users’ credentials for third-party services using Relay, and authenticate with those services through Cages or Relay.

You can even run a headless browser within a Cage!

Cyber Insurance

Low-cost cyber insurance

Encrypting with Evervault reduces your insurance premium because the risk of you leaking plaintext data is basically zero. We teamed up with some of the world’s leading insurers to offer low-cost cyber insurance policies.

Comprehensive coverage

Although Evervault helps you encrypt your most sensitive data, our insurance covers costs and direct expenses as a result of hacker attacks, physical theft, data theft and human error.


Evervault manages the process of getting your organization covered end-to-end, so you can focus on growing your business and not worry about insurance paperwork.

Flexible plans

Customers have different coverage requirements, so we can provide coverage as low as $1m or as high as $15m to cover first-party and third-party expenses in the event of a cybersecurity incident. It’s your choice.

We cover hacker attacks, physical theft, data theft, and human error.

We are available 24x7 to answer any questions you might have.

We always try to get the lowest possible rates for our customers.

We’re developers too, so we do our best to help keep you writing code.

We partnered with leading insurers to streamline any paperwork.

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