Encryption Infrastructure

Collect, process, and share sensitive data securely.

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Use Evervault to collect and encrypt sensitive data. Requests are encrypted before reaching your server, so your code never touches sensitive data in plaintext.



To process encrypted data, pass it to an Evervault Cage. These are protected serverless functions which decrypt any encrypted data on the way in, allowing you to process it in plaintext in a secure environment.



Need to send data to a third party API? The Evervault SDK will automatically intercept outbound requests and decrypt any encrypted data, allowing you to interact with trusted third parties in plaintext.



Third Parties


Fast-track your compliance audit with a simple integration to remove all sensitive data from your environment. Go from 12 months of work to 2 weeks for most PCI and HIPAA compliance validations.

Include the Evervault SDK

Add and initialize our server-side SDK in your application

Change a DNS record

Point your app at Evervault to automatically encrypt data

Select fields to encrypt

Encrypt entire payloads, or specific fields

firstName: "Claude"
lastName: "Shannon"
address: "ev:bCTPiWx4t21X6Uww"
email: "claude@shannon.com"
username: "elwood16"
Reduced compliance scope

Save money, time, and energy on compliance. Evervault helps you reduce your scope under PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2 and more.

Full visibility and tracing

Because Evervault integrates at the network layer, you get access to all your inbound and outbound request logs.

Evervault never stores data

Your code never touches plaintext data, and you never manage or rotate keys. Evervault never stores your data.

Never touch plaintext data

Using Evervault means that your code never receives plaintext data, so it cannot be logged or leaked.

Process encrypted data

Using Cages, you can process encrypted data using protected JavaScript functions — all on Evervault’s infrastructure

1await evervault.run('cageId', { encrypted });
1// cageId
2exports.handler = async ({ encrypted }) => {
3  const valid = await process(encrypted);
4  return valid;

“Teaming up with Evervault is as clear a statement we could possibly make to the communities we power. We do not compromise on our customers’ privacy or the security of our data systems.”

Manna Aero