Privacy & security is part of your product

evervault provides simple, privacy-preserving cloud infrastructure that you can set up within minutes.

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How does it work?

evervault deploys your applications in hardware-secured cages allowing you to keep information encrypted at all times on your infrastructure

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Step 1: Write your application

Build your application the same way you always do. Use your choice of Node.js, Go, Python, Ruby or any other supported major framework.

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Step 2: Deploy sensitive components

Isolate the pieces of your application that process sensitive data. Deploy them as evervault cages and develop whatever functionality you like inside.

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Step 3: Encrypt your data

Using the evervault SDK, CLI, JavaScript Snippet or custom-built logic, encrypt sensitive data like location, contact details or biographical information using the keys associated with your deployed cages.

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Step 4: Run your application

Simply send a HTTPS request to your cage URL along with the encrypted pieces of data when you wish to process the information. Results are returned instantaneously and you can optionally specify an output encryption key, meaning information is fully encrypted right up the point where it is displayed to your users in your web or mobile application.

Integrate data privacy in minutes

Deploy your application on our privacy-preserving infrastructure in just a few simple steps.