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Data privacy made simple

evervault allows you to integrate data privacy into your application using our simple developer tools.

We just released the Pragmatic Privacy Manifesto.

The old approach to privacy is wrong

Traditionally, data privacy has been considered a band-aid that compliance teams force on builders and disrupters like you and us. We've been there.

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Times have changed

Consumers are more privacy-savvy than ever before and the regulatory environment is getting more and more complex to navigate. We need to move faster than ever before — but that's not easy.

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Privacy is now a feature of your product

We're becoming wearier of how companies handle our data and we see privacy as a core component of the products we use.

We make it easy to integrate privacy into your product from day one, through simple developer tools.

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Introducing the evervault platform

The evervault platform is a robust toolkit that allows developers to integrate privacy into their applications.

These tools allow developers to anonymize their users, process sensitive data and continue to gain valuable insights without sacrificing privacy.

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We take privacy very seriously at evervault and we've put our thoughts to paper on our blog. Read more

What we're building

evervault auth learn more  â†’
evervault auth allows you to easily integrate privacy-preserving authentication through a couple of simple lines of code.
evervault cages coming soon
evervault cages are components of your application that we deploy on our infrastructure with no external access.
evervault analytics coming soon
evervault analytics to maintain the value you gain from your data while preserving your users' privacy.
evervault platform
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The Pragmatic Privacy Manifesto

At evervault, our mission is to make data privacy simple and accessible for all.

Given all the time we’ve spent on solving this problem, we have a pretty unique view of the world of privacy as well as how we expect it to unfold over the coming years.

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Integrate data privacy in minutes

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