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How Evervault works

Evervault makes it easy to encrypt & process sensitive data — without it touching your app in plaintext.

Evervault Relay

Relay is a proxy for encrypting data before it touches your backend, and for decrypting it as you send it to third-party APIs, or return it to your users.

Evervault Cages

Process the data you encrypt with Relay & our SDKs by deploying, running, and isolating your Node.js code as Cages — serverless trusted execution environments hosted on Evervault.

1. Encrypt data before it enters your app
2. Data never touches your app in plaintext

Encrypt data before it enters your app

3. Store user data encrypted

Store user data encrypted

4. Process encrypted data by deploying, running & isolating your code as a Cage

Process encrypted data by running your code in a Cage

Process encrypted data by deploying, running & isolating your code as a Cage

5. Relay decrypts your data as you send it to a third-party API or render it in your UI

Relay decrypts your data as you send it to third-party APIs

Use cases

Protect sensitive data

Encryption is the most important security tool developers have to protect sensitive data. As the latency cost of encryption approaches zero, everything can be encrypted — without impacting performance.

Encrypt & process data

Encrypt sensitive data — including identity, financial, health, and proprietary data — using Relay. Deploy your code as Cages to process it in isolation from the rest of your stack.

Interact with APIs

Encrypt requests and responses with Relay when communicating with third-party APIs. Process data in a Cage before returning the result to your backend, and sending it to external APIs.

Secure your secrets

Encrypt & store your users’ credentials for third-party services using Relay, and authorize with those services by running a headless browser in, or calling an API from, a Cage.

Core benefits

Zero data breaches

Encrypting with Evervault means that even if you suffer a breach, the data you lose is encrypted and unreadable. No unauthorized party has access to your users’ data or your proprietary datasets — including Evervault.

Never manage keys

You never configure cryptography algorithms or manage encryption keys, and we can't decrypt your data.

No latency cost

Our services are ultra-low latency, and we guarantee 100% uptime & ensure automatic scaling.

Reduced compliance risk

Never touching plaintext data means that your compliance burden is heavily reduced.

Encrypt everything

Change nothing about your development flow. We support continuous deployment & integration.

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