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Evervault provides simple developer tools and APIs that allow companies to process personal data without seeing, storing or handling it.


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Keeping personal data safe is hard.

Today, there is an unprecedented awareness of, reliance on, and need for best-in-class data security. Technology has evolved, yet current approaches to managing vulnerable, centralised databases are no longer fit for purpose.

The stakes have never been higher. It's been estimated that more than 6.8 billion personal accounts have been hacked to date. It is estimated that the average cost of a data breach will be over $150 million by 2020, with the global annual cost forecast to be $2.1 trillion.

Data breaches are potentially catastrophic for companies

The world has changed


Recent high profile data breaches mean privacy savvy customers are demanding ever more secure solutions.


New and emerging regulation holds companies to a higher bar, for example GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy.

Business Risks

The cost of a privacy breach, be it reputational damage, lost business, or fines has become a critical consideration for the ongoing sustainability of your business.


Quantum computers will soon break current schemes. BIOS-level separation between data and encryption is now possible.

Turnkey secure processing

Evervault utilises the new enclave functionality of Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX). SGX is a set of central processing codes that allow the allocation of private regions of memory, called enclaves, that are protected from processes running at higher privilege levels. Data is never decrypted until it is held safely within the enclave and as such, there is no risk of an individual’s data being stolen. Malicious actors with physical or admin access on an SGX-enabled node are unable to observe processes within a secure enclave. This is of particular relevance for sensitive processes running in a shared environment such as a public cloud, for example, AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

  • Evervault is the world's first end-to-end (enclave to browser), turnkey, secure processing solution.

    We ensure there is BIOS-level separation between encrypted data and the encryption key. In practice, this means that even if the network is compromised (including through hardware-based attacks), the encryption key remains completely hidden. Unauthorised access to the encrypted data can therefore be prevented entirely.

  • Evervault allows corporations and research organisations to build secure models for solving highly data-dependent major world problems.

    This enables a new paradigm in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, such as cancer research and DNA sequence analysis.



Anonymised processing of sensitive customer data, for example, aggregate location trends.


Secure importing of customer transaction history by challenger bank and emerging FinTech services companies.


Secure end-to-end data capture of temporary and sensitive customer information for real-time policy pricing.


Secure processing of high sensitivity Personally Identifiable Information.

AI & Machine Learning

Secure processing of commercially sensitive IP.


Regulatory compliant gathering of Know Your Customer Personally Identifiable Information.

Simple installation


Evervault integrates seamlessly with major development platforms and stacks



Secure data querying


Secure web applications

Ruby on Rails

Secure web applications


Secure data science


Secure web applications


Secure web applications

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