Card Issuing

The best security & compliance stack for card issuing

Collect, manage, and share payment cards with Evervault. Expedite PCI compliance and improve cardholder data security to breeze through your bank's security review.

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Expedite the security and compliance requirements of launching a card product

Collect onboarding data and demonstrate PCI compliance to a partner bank by tokenizing PII and card data with Evervault.

Demonstrate PCI DSS compliance

Leverage Evervault’s PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance (AoC) to demonstrate compliance to sponsor banks.

Share card details anywhere

Fetch card data from your issuer and share it with any third-party partner—or display it directly to your customers—without ever handling the raw card details.

Fully customizable design

Evervault’s UI Components for card collection and reveal are fully customizable and can be neatly integrated into your existing app, on mobile or web.

Flexible building blocks for any card issuing workflow

Use Evervault to build a card issuing workflow that’s suited to your needs without the security & compliance headaches.

Collect & onboard customers

Use Evervault’s SDKs or our Relay proxy to encrypt customer PII or KYC information in any onboarding flow. Share the data with any third-party providers without ever handling it in plaintext.

Receive card data

Fetch or receive cardholder data from multiple third-party issuers (like Galileo, Marqeta, Stripe, or Highnote) and encrypt it before it touches your infrastructure.

Display cards to your users

Use Evervault’s customizable UI Components to securely reveal card details to your customers.

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Card Issuer


Card Issuer


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Total control of your cardholder experience

Build any card issuing workflow without ever handling cardholder data in plaintext, minimize your PCI DSS obligations, and provide the best possible security & compliance guarantees.
Minimize compliance burden
Save 6 months and over $100k by never handling cardholder data in plaintext, offloading the vast majority of PCI DSS obligations to us.
Configure your workflow
Evervault’s developer primitives are fully flexible and can be configured to suit any card issuing workflow, regardless of complexity.
Decrease time to market
Demonstrate compliance to a sponsor bank immediately, and reduce time to market by making use of Evervault’s pre-built card issuing workflows.
Enhanced customer engagement
Share card details with rewards partners to improve your product offering and maximize customer engagement.
Developer-first ecosystem
Evervault’s infrastructure is built for developers and works with any tech stack (and any workflow). With our pre-built templates and guides, get up and running within a couple of days.
Streamlined user onboarding
Use Evervault to collect onboarding data in one place without the compliance headache. No need for multiple third-party pages or popups.
Never handle cardholder data
Evervault’s dual-custody security model means you never handle cardholder data in plaintext and Evervault never stores it — eliminating your risk of data breach.
Work with multiple issuers
Easily spin up a card program with multiple issuers through a single unified user experience.
Leverage expert knowledge
Evervault has helped some of the world’s leading brands to launch their card programs in record time. We have deep industry knowledge and strong relationships with issuing banks and processors.

Issue cards quickly. Engage your customers more.

Launch a card program and integrate with third-party rewards partners - all in weeks, not months.