Effortless security for your health data

Instantly de-risk your business from HIPAA data breaches by ensuring all ePHI is fully encrypted, before reaching your infrastructure.

Secure your customers’ ePHI data

Expedite HIPAA compliance
Secure customer ePHI data, so that your team can achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance quickly. Evervault signs a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with you and takes care of most compliance requirements on your behalf.
Never report a data breach
The HIPAA breach notification law requires disclosing any loss or theft of patient health data. By encrypting with Evervault, your data is considered "indecipherable", removing your requirement to notify and any associated fines (up to $1.5m).
Build customer trust quickly
Prove you take data security seriously by guaranteeing that your team never handles customer data in plaintext. Choosing Evervault gives even your most security-conscious customers reassurance that you’re protecting their data.

Protect sensitive health data

Use Evervault to encrypt Electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) before it touches your infrastructure.

HIPAA compliance built for developers

Easy-to-use data security API that doesn’t interfere with how you already use your data.
Fundamentally configurable
Evervault products work together and can be adapted to any type of solution.
Dual security model
We store encryption keys, you store data as you normally would — but fully encrypted.
Fully auditable and traceable
Easily trace and audit all access to sensitive patient data. See where health data is sent, and when.

Encrypt, Process, Comply

Get started with Evervault to begin encrypting ePHI and become HIPAA-compliant in days not months.