• August 19, 2021
  • 2 min read

Vital: The simplest API for collecting health data

Vital is making it easier for developers in the healthcare space to collect data that users capture at home — starting with an API for wearables data. Developers use Vital to connect with their users’ health devices and monitors — including Fitbit, Whoop, Peloton, and many others.

By building with Relay and Cages, Vital is making sure the world’s health data is always encrypted. Evervault fully supports Vital’s commitment to maintain HIPAA compliance, and has entered into a business associate agreement (BAA) with Vital. Developers building with Vital can be assured Vital securely processes and transfers their users’ health data.

We know what is important for Vital: reliability, security, and latency. Our downtime is their downtime; their downtime is our downtime. We take the trust they’ve given us very seriously. We’re excited to be working with Vital as they build the future of data-driven healthcare.” —Shane Curran, Evervault founder / CEO

Vital focuses on increasing the number of providers they integrate with, and on delivering the easiest experience to their developers; a few lines of code and developers can start accepting data from various health sources without spending months trying to integrate separate connections. Evervault focuses on building an encryption engine, and providing the most secure & lowest latency way for Vital to encrypt and transmit health data.

We believe that the healthcare apps of the future will be built in a private and security-first way. Evervault enables us to encrypt the data we collect from wearables companies and our lab partners, so developers can securely access this critical health information without putting their users at risk.” —Maitham Dib, Vital founder

New infrastructure enables new apps. We can imagine a world where infrastructure like Vital does to healthcare what Twilio did to telecoms and Stripe did to payments — and a world where no sensitive health data is ever breached.

Evervault is privileged to be joining Vital on their mission to make it easy for developers to build healthcare applications in a privacy and security focused way.

Join Vital and start protecting your users and customers.

The future of the web is encrypted.

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