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Manna: Building the drone delivery network of the future

August 19, 2021 byThe Evervault Team

Manna is building the future of last mile delivery, and aims to deliver everything to everyone by drone. Manna is the first company to be awarded the light unmanned aircraft system operator certificate (LUC) to operate drone delivery across Europe.

By building with Evervault, Manna is making sure that the data powering their delivery network is always encrypted — and never touches Manna’s infrastructure in plaintext. Sellers and consumers using Manna can be assured that Manna safely and securely processes and transfers their sensitive data.

At Evervault, our end-goal is everything encrypted everywhere, and Manna’s end-goal is to deliver everything to everyone by drone - while having an uncompromising commitment to customer privacy. It’s great to be achieving these together.” —Shane Curran, Evervault founder / CEO

Manna uses Relay to encrypt its real-time order and flight tracking, and uses Cages to guarantee no customer data can ever be compromised.

Using Evervault means that Manna can focus on building the future of last mile delivery without sacrificing security or privacy, and without ever handling sensitive data in plaintext.

Manna focuses on getting regulatory approval, increasing the selection available to consumers, lowering their cost structure (to, in turn, lower prices), increasing their geographic coverage, and reducing delivery times. Evervault focuses on building an encryption engine, and providing the most secure & lowest latency way for Manna to process and transmit data.

Teaming up with Evervault is as clear a statement we could possibly make to the communities we power. We do not — and never will — compromise on our customer’s privacy or the security of our data systems.” —Bobby Healy, Manna founder / CEO

It’s exciting to imagine a world where delivery costs and carbon emissions are extremely low — and a world where there are zero plaintext data breaches. Evervault is privileged to be joining Manna as they build the future of last mile delivery.

Join Manna and start protecting your users and customers.

The future of the web is encrypted.