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Okra: Building Africa’s financial data network

August 19, 2021 byThe Evervault Team

Okra is building open finance infrastructure for Africa, and is powering the next generation of digital financial apps and services across the continent.

Okra makes it easy for developers to connect with their users’ financial accounts; to retrieve transaction, income, and balance data; to perform KYC checks, and to make payments. This unlocks a range of apps, features, and services for the end-user and puts them in charge of their financial data. Okra’s products are built with privacy and security as a top priority.

By building with Evervault, Okra is making sure that Africa’s financial data network is encrypted. Developers and end-users alike can be assured that Okra safely and securely processes and transfers data.

Okra may seem like a simple way to connect financial accounts, but that simplicity will lead to an explosion of creativity in financial technology in Africa. We’re excited to be working with Okra to ensure that this explosion is encrypted.” —Shane Curran, Evervault founder / CEO

Using Evervault means that Okra can prioritize building new functionality and security in parallel — without ever handling data like bank credentials, PII and payment data in plaintext.

Okra focuses on increasing their bank integrations & connection methods, and building more products & features that enable their customers to do more. Evervault focuses on building an encryption engine and providing the most secure & lowest latency way for Okra to encrypt, process, and transfer data.

When building open finance infrastructure, security is top priority. As a data powerhouse in Africa’s finance space, we require top-notch security, and Evervault has provided that essential service for us with their encryption engine. With this, we're able to encrypt, process, and transfer data securely. Thereby, efficiently providing a safe and seamless experience for our customers and their users.” —Fara Ashiru Jituboh, Okra Co-founder, CEO/CTO

Evervault is the encryption infrastructure for Okra’s financial data network. Okra has a 99.9% uptime guarantee with their users. Any downtime of Evervault is downtime for Okra — and, in turn, downtime for Okra’s users.

It’s exciting to imagine a world where everyone has access to financial services — and a world where everyone’s data is encrypted everywhere. Evervault is privileged to be joining Okra on their mission to digitize financial services across Africa.

Join Okra and start protecting your users and customers.

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