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Product Update March ‘23

March 08, 2023 byThe Evervault Team

Inputs Localization & Customization

Two new features have been added to Inputs this month:

  • Localize your form by passing custom values for labels and placeholders. Watch this demo to see how localization works and try it out yourself on Replit.
  • Customize your form to prevent rendering unused fields. Not every transaction requires entering a CVV. To support this, a disableCVV boolean can now be passed to Inputs. When set to true it will prevent Inputs from rendering that field. The Supported Settings section of the Inputs docs has been updated to reflect these changes.

Activity Log Improvements


Search and filter functionality in Activity Logs has been completely rebuilt. Type a forward slash to find a specific request or error in seconds!

File Encryption is Now in Beta

Evervault is always expanding support for different types of data. Building on top of support for JSON and XML, encrypting and decrypting Files is now available in beta.

  • Files and fields in multipart/form-data uploads can be encrypted using Inbound Relay, and file downloads can be decrypted in responses. Outbound Relay can also decrypt multipart/form-data uploads, and encrypt file downloads.
  • Files can be encrypted using our Python, Javascript and Node SDKs.
  • The encryption/decryption size limit during Beta is set at 25MB per request.
  • To sign up for the beta, contact support@evervault.com.

New Cages Beta Features

The Cages beta continues! Some great feedback has come in from users over the last month as we continue to add more features and approach GA. If you want access to the beta sign up here!

Refined Cages & E3 Authentication

  • Cages now communicate to E3 using a token issued to the Cage through an attestation handshake, further binding the Cages permissions to attestation.

Free two-week trials for single instance Cages

Multi Port Egress support ☝️

  • Cages can now perform TLS egress over arbitrary ports.
  • The ports for the egress listeners to bind to are defined in the Cage TOML.

Scoped API Keys


We’ve recently launched Scoped API Keys, which enables users to limit the access of an API key to a specific set of actions and resources. This is a powerful feature that can help enhance security, improve compliance, and manage resources more effectively. By defining the permissions associated with an API key, users can limit its access to only the resources it needs, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and preventing data breaches. Using scoped API keys is easy, and users can create them by defining the permissions associated with the key and generating it through the Evervault Dashboard.

Functions Body-less Payloads

Payload arguments are now optional for createRunToken functions in the SDKs. If the body of a payload being sent to a Function is not known to the developer such as user generated content, then a Run Token can be created without it.

Featured Content

Demos: Watch members of our engineering team demo the latest Evervault use cases and features. Feel free to follow along in your own environment!

Community News

We launched an Evervault Discord 👾. Anyone can join the server; it’s a great place to:

  • Ask questions and get support
  • Share what you’re working on
  • Get product updates
  • Debate which package manager is better and why 👆

Join the server here and drop a note in the introductions channel to tell us a little bit about yourself and the projects you’re working on.