Confidential Computing

Confidential Computing made easy

Evervault makes it simple for developers to run any Docker container in a highly constrained compute environment. Prove the code you write is the code you run.

Enterprise-grade security for your sensitive workloads

Evervault's Confidential Computing allows you to easily run any application in a hardware-based environment, also known as a Secure Enclave.

Data is only decrypted within the Enclave

Confidential Computing ensures that any previously encrypted data can only be decrypted within the hardened security environment of the Enclave.

Code is verifiably authentic

Guarantee your code hasn’t been tampered with. All workloads are fully attestable — applications you deploy are signed by you, and you can verify that requests are being sent to a signed enclave at runtime.

Fully isolated by default

Network access, storage, and logging are explicitly enabled by you to guarantee that your sensitive data is only used for its intended purpose.

Secure critical workloads without changing your code

10x the data security on any of your existing containers — effortlessly.

Perform key operations inside a fully-attestable, secure environment

Easily implement crypto transaction signing, wallet recovery and key backup flows with security and confidentiality guarantees.

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Powered by Evervault Enclaves

Evervault Enclaves are the easiest way to deploy any Docker container to a Secure Enclave — so you can leverage the attestation, privacy and security guarantees of Confidential Computing.

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Use the Enclaves CLI to convert a Docker image to an enclave image — locally, or in your CI/CD pipeline.


Upload your enclave image to Evervault, and we’ll provision and scale your enclave automatically.


Attest and request your application using the Evervault SDK — so you can verify the code you wrote is the code you’re running.

Write from scratch

Build and test your code in a Docker container as normal. When you’re ready to deploy, Evervault Enclaves will take care of the rest.


You can lift and shift existing Docker containers directly to Evervault Enclaves with no changes to your underlying code.

Deploy sensitive applications with confidence

Confidential Computing gives you the guardrails to ensure your critical data is secure by default, and private by design.

Fully attestable

Build highly secure software by verifying that the application processing your sensitive data is the application that was built, approved, and deployed by your engineering team.

Mitigate insider threats

Using Secure Enclaves ensures that nobody — including insiders or malicious third-parties can access any sensitive data or manipulate your workloads in public clouds.

End-to-end encryption

Using Secure Enclaves means sensitive data is encrypted throughout the entire lifecycle. Sensitive data does not exist in plaintext at any point during collection, processing, or sharing.

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Protect your critical workloads from unauthorized access and interference in the cloud with Evervault Enclaves.