• August 31, 2021
  • 2 min read

Treecard: The wooden debit card that plants trees

Treecard is a free debit card that reforests the planet as you spend — powered by Ecosia. Planting trees is critical to counteract climate change, and Treecard allows any consumer to take action simply by using its wooden debit card. By 2026, Treecard aims to plant a billion trees.

By integrating with Evervault, Treecard is making sure that all cardholder data in their systems is always encrypted. Partners and users can be assured that Treecard safely and securely processes and transfers cardholder data.

Treecard removes all barriers to positive action against climate change — making it easy, simple, and valuable to do the right thing. We’re proud to be building the encryption infrastructure they need to protect their users and reduce their PCI compliance scope.” —Shane Curran, Evervault founder / CEO

As Evervault’s first PCI DSS customer, Treecard will encrypt cardholder data before it touches their infrastructure, and will store only Evervault-encrypted strings. With Evervault, Treecard’s PCI scope is reduced to the simplest method of validation.

PCI DSS becomes a heavy burden for companies like us that process cardholder data. Encrypting with Evervault will save us time and give us peace of mind that we're fully compliant, while allowing us to focus on what matters most – getting more users and planting more trees." —Jamie Cox, Treecard co-founder / CEO

It’s exciting to imagine a world where counteracting climate change is as simple as making a contactless payment — and a world where no plaintext cardholder data is ever breached. Evervault is privileged to be joining Treecard on their mission to plant a billion trees.

The future of the web is encrypted.

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