Use Cases

Secured by Evervault

June 30, 2022 byNev Flynn

Teaming up with Evervault is as clear a statement we could possibly make to the communities we power. We do not compromise on our customers’ privacy or the security of our data systems. — Manna Drone Delivery

Companies choose Evervault to protect their users’ data. Increasingly, we’ve seen users linking to Evervault in their docs as evidence of their commitment to security and data privacy. Some have even created their own pages to describe how Evervault works. Today, we’re making that easier with Secured by Evervault: custom pages that can be generated on-demand and outline how Evervault customers secure their users’ data.

We obsess over developer experience and marry that with security by design. Secured by Evervault is a prime example of that. Once a user has integrated Evervault, their Secured by Evervault page will detail their Evervault configuration, outlining the steps they've taken to ensure their users’ data is secured.

Check out an example here, or create one in a click by signing up for Evervault.