Payments Optimization

Take control of your payment data

Use Evervault to gain full flexibility over your payment processing by bringing your card data in-house. Optimize your margins, comply with PCI DSS, and integrate with any third-party processor.

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The security & compliance platform for payments optimization

Evervault lets you build high-performing global payment flows, so you can control your own card data and process transactions with any gateway.

Own your card data

Avoid payment gateway lock-in by tokenizing cards yourself, instead of with your payment gateway. This gives you the power to move payments between gateways and minimize payment risk.

Reduce fees and increase authorization rates

Use Evervault to optimize routing between gateways and leverage network tokens to get lower fees, higher authorization rates and increased global coverage.

Unify your payments flow

Use Evervault UI components and Evervault Relay to build a unified payment system on top of any selection of payment processors. With no lock-in, add more processors any time you like.

Universal components for secure payment flows

Evervault provides end-to-end components to craft a robust payments flow that minimizes fees and maximizes flexibility.

Collect payment data with UI Components and Relay

Use Evervault UI Components to collect card data directly from your consumers, or Evervault Relay to collect card data from your API. Cards are tokenized before they touch your infrastructure, so you can minimize your PCI DSS scope.
User's CardCollect or DisplayServer

A robust system to collect, process and share payments data

Streamlined PCI DSS compliance
Integrate Evervault’s UI Components to reduce your PCI DSS scope to SAQ A, the smallest batch of controls. This eliminates 95% of applicable controls, saving an average of 6 months of engineering work.
Manage your own card database
Store Evervault tokens and enriched BIN metadata in your own database — so you can avoid vendor lock-in and analyze payment processor performance over time.
Leverage network tokens
Increase authorization rates by 2-3% and reduce fraudulent transactions by 26% by taking advantage of Evervault’s Network Token API. These merchant-specific tokens enable Visa and Mastercard to grant better rates in return for decreased fraud activity.
Unified payment flows
Provide a consistent user experience across all payment types. With a single Evervault integration, you can leverage multiple payment processors under the hood.
Fully customizable
Tap into Evervault’s fully customizable UI Components so that they naturally fit in with your mobile or web application’s design. Or, take full control over the frontend and use Evervault Relay to proxy sensitive data from touching your infrastructure.
Dual-custody model
Gain full ownership over your card data with Evervault, previously impossible with traditional tokenization. Store encrypted card data without custody of decryption keys. Entrust Evervault with decryption keys without sharing card data. A perfect PCI-compliant model.

Control your card data. Optimize your payments.

Your card data belongs in-house. Unify your payment flows, get PCI DSS compliant, and reduce fees by getting started with Evervault.