Network Tokens

The fastest on-ramp to network tokens

Create and use network tokens in minutes with Evervault’s streamlined APIs. Avoid payment gateway lock-in and time-consuming direct integrations with card networks.

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What are Network Tokens?

Network tokens are the new standard for processing online transactions. They improve the security of cardholder data, increase acceptance rates, and decrease processing costs.

Network tokens act as a substitute to card numbers. Directly issued by Visa and Mastercard, they’re designed to work across processors and are automatically updated whenever cards change or expire.

Reduce fraud rates

Unlike card numbers, network tokens are bound to the merchant. To a hacker, a merchant token is useless. They have been proven to reduce fraud by 26%.

Maximize Revenue

Network tokens increase authorization rates by 2-3%, lower interchange fees, and reduce churn from expired or re-issued cards. Plus, they’re compatible with most payment gateways. The upshot: a boost to your revenue.

Enhance user experience

Network tokens ensure that customers do not need to manually update card information. This, as well as higher acceptance rates, means they provide a frictionless, world-class payment experience for your customers.

Implement network tokens with ease

Skip months of negotiation, integration, and delays. Evervault’s integration with Visa and Mastercard empowers you to get up and running with network tokens instantly.

Onboard a merchant

Use the Evervault API to onboard a merchant. Just provide basic metadata about the merchant, and Evervault can directly enroll them with the token schemes and obtain a Token Requestor ID (TRID) on your behalf.

Create a network token

Send us the credit card data (or Evervault tokens) and we’ll create a token with the relevant network for you.

Generate a cryptogram

For cardholder-initiated transactions, a cryptogram is required to authorize a transaction. Simply send Evervault a cryptogram request and we’ll return the token and the cryptogram.

Process a transaction

Send the Network Token and cryptogram any gateway of your choice. Take advantage of the reduced fees and higher authorization rates.

Network Token

Unify your network tokenization setup with Evervault

One integration
Immediate access to Visa and Mastercard network tokens. American Express support is coming soon.
Use Evervault network tokens alongside standard Evervault Tokens to control your own payment data and use any gateway.
Instant onboarding
Avoid months of negotiations, phone calls, and project fees with each payment network. Integrate immediately with Evervault’s pre-existing connections.
Compliance cost savings
Network tokens do not fall under PCI DSS. Offload the burden of PCI compliance to Evervault and the card networks.
Reduce churn
Network Tokens are automatically updated when a card expires or is re-issued, significantly reducing churn from failed recurring or card-on-file payments.
Unlike competitors, Evervault is not affiliated with any payment gateway, processor, or network. We operate independently and ensure you’re not locked in to one payment provider.

Increase margins.
Reduce fraud.

Use the Evervault network tokens API to tokenize directly with the card networks. Reduce fraud, reduce fees, and increase revenue.