Card Insights

Cardholder insights to power your payment decisions

Use Evervault to enrich card metadata and get better insights into your transactions — so you can optimize authorization rates, reduce fees, and minimize fraud.

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All-in-one card tokenization, fingerprinting, and fraud insights

Use Evervault to make the most out of your card data with no payment gateway lock-in or restrictions.

Optimize your payment routing

Use Evervault’s Inspect API to access enriched card metadata including issuing bank, country and currency so you can route payments in accordance with your business logic.

Detect card re-use

Uniquely fingerprint tokenized cards across multiple transactions to detect card re-use across customers and transactions.

Reduce fraud rates

Use Evervault’s third-party fraud model integrations to calculate fraud risk based on the card, customer, and transaction data — so you can optimize authorization rates and reduce fraud.

The API for understanding your payments

Evervault provides a universal API for getting insights into your card transactions, giving you powerful data to inform payment routing.

BIN Metadata

The first 6-8 digits of a payment card provide valuable insights into the card, including country, issuing bank, card type, funding type and segment. Evervault's Inspect API offers metadata on 5M+ card types, enhancing your insights and powering your decisions.

Card Fingerprinting

Card re-use is an important indicator for both fraud and repeat purchases, but it’s difficult to trace if a card has been seen before without storing the original card number. With Evervault’s Inspect API, you can retrieve a unique fingerprint for any card so you can trace card usage over time — without the PCI DSS headache.

Fraud Scoring

Modern merchants use a large array of third-party fraud detection vendors across the payment stack. Evervault lets you perform universal fraud checks across any payment gateway, either directly or with any third-party payment fraud detection service.

Routing Intelligence (Coming soon)

Get tailored insights and recommendations on which payment providers are optimal for specific payment types. Informed by auth rates, chargeback rates, fees, and latency, we can minimize your payment costs and eliminate inefficiencies in your payment flows.

Card Holder

Gain insight and control over your digital payments

Evervault Card insights is the most informed way to reduce payment fees, optimize authorization rates, and reduce fraud.
Universal Card Insights
Evervault operates independently of your payment gateways, and provides impartial recommendations about what gateways are most effective for a particular card or transaction.
Full BIN Database
Evervault’s Inspect API provides card metadata for more than 5 million BINs — the most complete BIN database available.
Never handle raw card data
Evervault’s Card Insights are fully interoperable with encrypted card tokens, so you never need to handle card data in plaintext or worry about burdensome PCI DSS obligations.
Increase authorization rates
Using Evervault’s Card Insights will help you maximize your authorization rates — ensuring you’re never losing out on legitimate revenue, without increasing fraud risk.
Minimize processing fees
Evervault helps you understand what gateways offer the best rates across card types, issuers, currencies, and countries. We’ll help you optimize your payment margins and increase revenue for your business.
Reduce fraud
By using Evervault or any third-party fraud provider, we’ll help you detect fraudulent transactions before they happen — so you can minimize chargebacks and maximize authorization rates.

Understand your customers. Optimize your payment flows.

Maximize payment insights from your customers before a transaction occurs with Evervault, so you can optimize payment routing decisions.