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Lead Technical Recruiter

Build a team of great engineers.


Evervault is a technology company building the encryption engine for the web, so that developers never touch sensitive data in plaintext and can isolate the code that processes it from the rest of their stack.

Our mission is to encrypt the web; our goal is zero data breaches, and our end-state is everything encrypted everywhere.

We’re hiring a Lead Technical Recruiter to help build the team we need to succeed in this mission, and reach this end-state.

Core challenge

The core challenge for this position is simple: How do you design, implement, and refine a rigorous, standardised, and repeatable hiring process that closes the right engineering talent for building what we know we need to build?

This person will:

  • Be responsible for full-cycle technical recruiting — including writing job postings, researching & sourcing people, and running the hiring process (scheduling interviews & coding calls, collating feedback, etc.)
  • Contribute to proactively designing our org chart, and making the design come to fruition
  • Be heavily involved in building Evervault’s dedicated recruiting team, and mentoring less experienced recruiters
  • Ensure Evervault becomes one of the foremost engineering brands globally, e.g. by organising (virtual) events like capture-the-flags & hackathons

You may be the right person if:

  • You really care about encrypting the web, and want to get other people excited about it too
  • You understand the team we build today will determine what Evervault will look like in ten years
  • You want to ensure Evervault becomes one of the best engineering brands in the world
  • You have mastered the art of hiring, and want to help others master it too
  • You understand that experience does not necessarily equal talent, and love identifying people’s strengths & finding undiscovered talent

You are the ideal person if you have:

  • 4+ years of experience recruiting for engineering roles
  • Deep tacit knowledge of the best tactics & strategies for sourcing great engineers
  • Bonus: basic engineering skills in a common development language (e.g. JavaScript)


Here’s what our hiring process looks like for this role:

  1. Introduction call: An opportunity for us to get to know you & for you to learn more about Evervault.
  2. Team call: Chat with a future team-mate about your prior experience and the reality of the role.
  3. Take-home task: Work on a sample assignment. This helps us get a sense of what it’s like working with each other.
  4. Presentation: Present your work back to us, and strategise together.
  5. Founder chat: A call with Shane Curran, Evervault’s founder.
  6. Offer: We aim to go from introduction call to offer made within two weeks.

At Evervault, we're looking for people with drive, curiosity, and integrity. You're encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out – and set you apart – especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns. At Evervault, we welcome diverse perspectives and people who think rigorously and tinker quickly. Join us.

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