Jobs at Evervault

Community Builder

Build a vibrant community of developers encrypting the web.


Evervault is a technology company building the encryption engine for the web, so that developers never touch sensitive data in plaintext and can isolate the code that processes it from the rest of their stack.

Our mission is to encrypt the web; our goal is zero data breaches, and our end-state is everything encrypted everywhere.

The developer experience we create is by far the most important driver of our success, and we’re hiring a Community Builder who will have a powerful impact on this experience.

Core challenge

The core challenge for this role is simple: How do you durably build a vibrant & energetic developer community that translates into superior mindshare & brand awareness?

This person will:

  • Be directly responsible for cultivating, nurturing, and amplifying the Evervault community
  • Ensure Evervault becomes one of the foremost engineering brands globally, e.g. by running capture-the-flags & hackathons
  • Build a network of cryptographers — across academia & industry
  • Organize exciting events — like (virtual) launch events, (virtual) meetups, and (virtual) conferences — including arranging speakers, and helping them create & deliver keynotes
  • Unscalably maximize developer happiness by, for example, ensuring timely & thoughtful responses across all channels
  • Be heavily involved in building Evervault’s dedicated community team, and mentoring less experienced community builders

You may be the right person if:

  • You really care about encrypting the web, and want to inspire all developers to join us on this mission
  • You are obsessed with making developers happy, and intimately know what that requires
  • You are already actively involved in developer communities, and have an existing developer network
  • You are a master communicator, including giving formal presentations, producing written posts, and in more informal conversations

You are the ideal person if you have:

  • 4+ years of experience building developer communities, or equivalent experience
  • Deep tacit knowledge of the best tactics & strategies for building communities
  • Bonus: basic engineering skills in a common development language (e.g. JavaScript)


  • Ownership over your work, and in the company
  • Open vacation policy
  • Flexible work hours
  • Build your dream machine & workspace
  • Health insurance
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Relocation costs
  • Free lunch & dinner


Here’s what our hiring process looks like for this role:

  1. Application: Submit your application including:
    • Links to your profiles (e.g. Twitter, Substack)
    • Whatever information you think would be most useful — like a short explanation of your accomplishments & background, what you like to work on, and why you’re excited about joining Evervault
  2. Introduction call: An opportunity for us to get to know you & for you to learn more about Evervault.
  3. Take-home task and call: We'll ask you to write a two-page plan for how you would approach the role, and have a call to talk about it.
  4. Offer: We aim to go from introduction call to offer made within two weeks.

Two-page memo

Sending us a two-page memo on your philosophy, tactics, and strategies for building a vibrant & energetic community — including how you would apply these to Evervault specifically — is an effective way of impressing us.

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