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Evervault is a technology company building the encryption engine for the web.

Encryption engineering

We’re on a mission to encrypt the web

Concretely, this means we’re building tools so that developers never touch sensitive data in plaintext — without needing to configure cryptographic algorithms or manage encryption keys — and can process it isolated from the rest of their stack.

Our goal is zero data breaches. We think it’s embarrassing for technology that not a week goes by without a data breach. Simply, no unauthorized party should ever access data in plaintext. So, we’re making it easy for developers to put security first from day one and, in parallel, we’re removing what we call The Crypto Lag.

We believe that it’s early for the web, and that its future is encrypted. The endstate we’re building towards is everything encrypted everywhere.

The Crypto Lag

While many technology companies are doing cutting-edge production AI & ML, the same is not true for cryptography; there’s a lag between the frontiers of academic research and production systems.

Historically, this lag made sense. The cost of encryption was too high; the theoretical limits of cryptography were far beyond the practical limits, and cryptography was too complex & too easy to misuse.

To put everything online ‘in the cloud’, unencrypted, is to risk an Orwellian future.”
— Craig Gentry, published first plausible FHE scheme

But, as the cost of encryption approaches zero, there’s simply no need for apps or developers to touch data in plaintext. Everything can be encrypted.

Zero Data Breaches

The important part about data breaches isn’t that they happen; it’s difficult to predict and prevent all attacks & breaches. What’s important is that what gets breached is plaintext, readable data.

While encryption isn’t the only security tool, it’s the most important one. It makes sure that no unauthorized party has access to user data or proprietary datasets — even when a breach occurs.

Dance like no one is watching; encrypt like everyone is. Encrypt everything.”
— Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO

If everything is encrypted, it doesn’t matter if an app gets breached because what gets breached is useless, unreadable data. Simply, your users and datasets are no longer vulnerable.

Day One Security

As developers, security may not be at the forefront of our minds when starting a new project or startup. Because it’s mostly hidden from users, we’re more focused on building features people love. But, by not prioritizing security, we’re showing users that their safety & privacy are not important.

It’s very hard to retrofit security after growing and becoming successful and, even if we put security first from day one, we only have to screw up once to lose user data & trust.

The fact is, security is hard. And it’s getting harder every day. To win, you have to get it right every single time. To lose (and lose big), you only have to screw it up once.”
— Tom Preston-Werner, GitHub cofounder

We don’t just put users at risk, we put proprietary datasets at risk too — an increasingly important concern when building & securing systems.

Encryption engineers

Meet the Evervault team

We enjoy working on our own, and together. We get things finished and obsess over minute details. We think rigorously and tinker quickly.

Shane Curran, Founder, CEO
Shane Curran
Founder, CEO
Declain Thomas, Head of Operations
Declain Thomas
Head of Operations
Deirdre Cleary, Engineer
Deirdre Cleary
Hannah Neary, Engineer
Hannah Neary
Eoin Boylan, Head of Engineering
Eoin Boylan
Head of Engineering
Ben Butler, Head of People
Ben Butler
Head of People
Nev Flynn, Design Engineer
Nev Flynn
Design Engineer
Liam Farrelly, Engineer
Liam Farrelly
Dónal Tuohy, Engineer
Dónal Tuohy
Jake Grogan, Engineer
Jake Grogan
Edmundo Santos, Design Engineer
Edmundo Santos
Design Engineer
David Nugent, Engineer
David Nugent
Dmitriy Dranko, Engineer
Dmitriy Dranko

Our investors include those who invested in companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Stripe.

Index Ventures
Kleiner Perkins

We are also backed by individual investors: Jeff Weiner, former LinkedIn CEO; Dylan Field, Figma CEO; Olivier Pomel, Datadog CEO; Kevin Hartz, former Eventbrite CEO; Alex Stamos, former Facebook CSO.

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