Announcing Evervault Payments Config

May 26, 2022 by Shane Curran

Our mission is to encrypt the web. By releasing E3, Relay and Cages we have been providing developers with the underlying infrastructure to collect, share and process data — encrypted at all times.

While we will always have our our foundational infrastructure products, we began to see patterns emerging in how Evervault was enabling businesses to navigate very specific challenges. We're launching Evervault Configs, pre-built Evervault configurations, to tackle the most common use cases — starting with payments.

Evervault Payments is our secure payments configuration that allows you to collect and share credit card data from your customers or third parties, while minimizing your compliance requirements under PCI DSS. Using Evervault, our customers have been able to focus their efforts on building their products and businesses securely, while minimizing the security and compliance expertise required in-house. Evervault Payments has enabled companies like Resly and Meili to become PCI DSS compliant in as little as a couple of days, compared to the typical 6 months+ timeframe it would take without Evervault.

The Evervault Payments Config is available immediately and we can guide you through the process of becoming PCI DSS compliant from start to finish.

If you are interested in how Evervault can help, our Sales team would be eager to walk you through a use case tailored to your business. Contact for more information.