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evervault auth

evervault auth allows you to easily integrate privacy-preserving authentication through a couple of simple lines of code.

We just released the Pragmatic Privacy Manifesto.

Here's how it works

evervault auth is the first step in leveraging the power of the evervault privacy platform.

Step 1

Your application's users are sent to auth.evervault.com to be authenticated.

Once the user authenticates with our system, a unique key is generated.


Step 2
  Anonymize & encrypt

The authenticated user is anonymized and redirected back to your application.

When back in your application, any sensitive user data that has been highlighted can be encrypted, and decrypted, using the evervault SDK along with the user's unique key.


Step 3
  Peace of mind

As a result, the application's backend only contains anonymized users, and any sensitive data is encrypted with that user's key.

Users and developers gain peace of mind that privacy is protected even in the event of a data breach.


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